SVEA GLOBEN PADEL placed its trust in us to execute a unique facility.

The project consisted of supply and installation of fourteen (14) portable padel courts in the Avicii Arena, the largest hemispherical building on Earth, which took two-and-a-half years to build. From the outside it looks like a huge white ball with a diameter of 110 metres and an interior height of 85. There is room for 16,000 spectators in its 605,000-cubic-metre interior volume.

The building – purpose-built to host sporting events and concerts – was inactive due to the pandemic and SVEA took the opportunity of renting it for six months to operate as a padel centre.

J’hayber Instalaciones accepted the challenge of designing, manufacturing and installing fourteen padel courts in record time – one month – all anchored on steel plates to avoid altering the building’s floor.

To make it even more challenging, the complex would have to be dismantled three months later to hold the World Ice-Hockey Championships and then reinstalled until the end of the rental period. Installation and dismantling took five days each with thirty operators working twenty-four hours a day.

It was open seven days a week from 07.00 to 23.00 hours and was fully booked the whole time.

The entire process was widely reported in the media.